Body Contouring

Non Surgical Fat Reduction, Slimming & Body Sculpting


Safe+Effective & Tailored to your fat reduction & body sculpting needs...

What non-surgical body treatment will I need?

There is not a ‘one-size-fits-all‘ non-surgical treatment-program, as our body’s are all different.

At your consultation, our specialists will discuss your body-concerns and goals and ensure your expectations are in line with the treatments you are considering and present you with recommendations and if applicable, options of treatments to achieve your desired results, with NO pressure, or pushy sales pitch.

and how many sessions will I need?

As we mentioned above, each client is different – it would be inaccurate, and not best practice to advise any client of a treatment program without an in-depth consultation and an understanding of their goals. We offer all of our non-surgical treatment consultations completely free of charge, so book yours and get all the information you need to make the right informed the decision for you.

If this non surgical treatment sounds right for you then book in for your complimentary consultation today to find out more!

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At a Glance

Procedure Time
Up to 2 hrs
Full Recovery
2-3 months, and possibly continuing for up to 6 months
Back to Work
Sensitivity Period
24-48 hours
Duration of Results
1 year or longer
Risks & Complications
Possible swelling, tingling, redness or tenderness

Treatment Price

Ranging from