Acne man squeezing spot

Acne can really affect your confidence and we understand that. We have a range of treatments that can help calm redness, dry up spots and ongoing products to keep it under control.Treatment really depends on the type of acne you have as treatment is tailored to your skins needs, which is why we highly recommend you attend a free skin consultation, where we can assess your skin, find out your acne history and any medications you may have been described by your doctor. Whether you are in your late teens or in your 40's , we can talk through your acne history and suggest the most appropriate course of action.

Once we have this information we can recommend an acne treatment plan , tailored to your skin whether its for regular breakouts or more chronic acne. We can also advise on other alternatives available such as treatments only Dermatologists can provide. Treatments we offer could include skin peels like Salicylic or Glycolic, (different types suit different situations), IPL/ Laser, Dermalux, medication and/or specialist skin treatments such as Clenziderm by Obagi. Please see individual treatment description for prices or our Acne Sin Packages which offer good value for money. We are here to help.

If this sounds right for you then book in for your complimentary consultation today to find out more! 

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At a Glance

Procedure Time
Around 30 minutes
Full Recovery
Short term redness
Up to a week
Back to Work
Sensitivity Period
24-48 hours
Duration of Results
Risks & Complications
Possible swelling, tingling, redness or tenderness

Treatment Price

See individual treatments.