Tired Eyes and Dark Circles

There are lots of reasons eyes can look tired…dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and hollowing under the eye. The skin is much thinner around the eyes and as we age the eye socket bones become enlarged so our eyes “sink in” to the sockets a little more.

Fine lines and wrinkles can be tackled by either Botox or skin treatments such as peels that remove damaged, fine wrinkled skin or radio frequency or HIFU skin tightening, treatments which use heat to build up collagen and thicken in the skin. If hollows or eye bags are your concern then dermal fillers can be very effective to instantly plump out the hollows that create shadows under the eye making you look tired or balance puffiness. Consultations are free of charge to see which treatment would be most suitable to address your concerns.

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Unwanted Tattoos

We all make mistakes but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Laser tattoo removal can be very effective in removing unwanted tattoos. The laser shatters the pigment deep in the skin gradually removing the tattoo. 6-12 treatments are usually required depending on the colours in the tattoo. Test patch and medical are required 7 days before treatment and are free of charge.

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Volume Loss

As we get older, we notice changes in our skin like wrinkles, spots, and veins. But the biggest changes happen under the skin. Our cheeks lose their plumpness, and gravity makes our face shape shift. This can create lines on our cheeks, around our mouth, and even jowls. It can make our face look longer and thinner.

At Sandon, volume-restoring treatments options like Sculptra and Dermal Fillers, which systematically reintroduce lost volume, effectively "lifting" the lower face. While fillers offer instant results with a duration of approximately nine months, Sculptra operates gradually over several weeks, a preference for many clients, and maintains its effects for around two years.

We also offer non injectable treatments as as skin-tightening treatments, such as Radio Frequency and HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound), penetrate deep within the skin to trigger collagen production, ultimately a more youthful complexion.

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Thread Veins

Sometimes known as spider or broken veins, thread veins are small clusters of tiny red veins that appear on the face and legs. They are completely harmless, but can leave people feeling self-conscious. Studies show that they can be more visibly ageing than lines and wrinkles, leading many people to take action.

Thread veins are typical on the nose and cheeks. Usually one appears as a red dot, but can sometimes cause redness to the surrounding skin, leaving you with rosy, flushed cheeks. As you age there becomes less collagen in your skin, leaving the skin thinner and veins appearing more visible. Hormonal changes, sun-damage, rosacea, alcohol, working outdoors and smoking can all also accentuate the appearance of thread veins.

IPL or laser treatment can quickly and effectively remove these by using heat to collapse the tiny veins on the ski surface.

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Thin or Uneven Lips

While some people may have naturally thin or uneven lips, they can also be a sign of ageing or result from smoking. As you get older the collagen in your lips breaks down and the muscles tire, leaving your lips looking and feeling thinner. This can also lead to wrinkles around the lips.

Many people feel self-conscious about their lips – they may not be balanced or just not how you’d like them to be. We lose 50% of our lip volume by the time we are 50! Lip fillers are the solution using a hyaluronic acid filler (something you naturally have in your skin) to add plumpness and volume or simply balance your lips for more symmetry and to reduce “smokers lines”. It is a very popular treatment and looks entirely natural, no one should guess.

Dermal lip fillers do more than just enhance your natural lip shape; they can also modify your lip shape, prevent lipstick from smudging into fine lines, offer moisturisation, plumping, and redefinition to leave you feeling better than ever.

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Sun Damage

Sun exposure breaks down collagen and elastin causing changes in skin texture, sagging, lines and wrinkles and brown spots/pigmentation. The degree of sun damage varies greatly depending on the amount and strength of sun exposure, SPF use and of course, genetics.

There are several treatments which can help repair sun damage and get back to younger looking skin but prevention is far better than a cure so wear sunscreen!

Treatments include IPL, chemical Skin Peels, RF Skin tightening, ProDerma and skin needling.

A consultation is your starting point to discuss your main concerns and for us to assess your skin so we can advise which treatment (usually a combination) would work best.

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Pigmentation can occur for a variety of reasons including over exposure to the sun ( most common), genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions and trauma to the skin (such as burns or as a result of spots and picking). The effects can also become more obvious as we age and show up on face, neck and hands, often known as sun/liver spots. Pigmentation caused by hormones is called Melasma and usually visible symmetrically both sides of the face and often top lip.

The important this is to determine the cause of the pigmentation before treating which we do using our skin camera. We can then decide which, if any, treatment would be most suitable. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure so SPF everyday is crucial. Most treatments are best done during the winter months when there is less risk of sun damage

Treatments for pigmentation can include IPL/laser, skin peels and prescription skin products

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Neck Laxity

The neck has thinner skin than other areas of the body and also exposed more and so is susceptible to sun damage. This breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin, which causes loose, saggy skin on the neck.

A treatment which restores collagen, thickens the skin and improves skin quality is what is required here. The ProDerma is a skin rejuvenating treatment that creates micro wounds in the skin to encourage the renewal of skin cells and the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This treatment is also combined with radio frequency.

Radio frequency works in a very similar way but more superficially in the skin to help thicken and tighten the skin. A good quality neck cream works on improving skin quality and feeding the skin to help encourage the collagen growth brought on by HIFU or RF and help uneven skin tone.

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Milia are small white or yellowish raised bumps or spots on the skin normally found around the eye area and cheeks, but can appear anywhere on the face or body. It is very common to have several milia appear in clusters. Unlike a pimple or spot, Milia feel quite hard, almost like a small piece of glass under the skin, and do not have any redness or inflammation as you might expect with white heads or acne related spots.

Milia form where there has been a build-up of a protein called keratin under the skin, a harmless substance which is a component of our skin, hair and nails. Some people are more prone to them than others and if you are then a good skin care routine incorporating a scrub can help keep them at bay.

Needle extraction is the most common way to remove them but some prescription strength creams can also help.

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Jowls refer to the fleshy and loose skin that hangs beneath the lower jawline. As we age, it is natural for facial sagging to occur in this area, giving the appearance that the normal jawline position has dropped and definition of the face has been lost.

This is because we lose volume from the mid face (as our Oestrogen levels start to drop) combined with more skin laxity as collagen and elastin diminish so skin droops downwards. This is a concern that many clients see as the first tell tale sign of ageing.


If loss of volume and skin laxity is the cause then clearly adding volume back to the mid face and/or skin tightening is the solution. Simply returning the face back to how it used to look. Consultations are free of charge to see which would be the right treatment for you:

Fillers Also replace lost volume in the mid face using hyaluronic acid fillers, a substance we naturally have in our skin. This treatment gives instant results and lasts for around 6-9 months.

Genie A facial toning machine which rebuilds muscle volume in the mid face and tones facial muscles, like the gym for your face.

HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound The treatment uses the safe time tested energy of Ultrasound (HIFU) which focuses energy to stimulate the deep support layers of the skin without causing damage to the skins surface. The treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen resulting in lifted, firmer and toned appearance over time and costs so much less than surgery.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening This tackles the skin laxity aspect of jowls. It heats the skin to around 42 degrees to stimulate collagen growth to tighten the skin and give a sharper contour to the neck and/or jaw line.

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Unwanted Hair

Excess hair is a common condition that can occur in both men and women. Sometimes excess hair growth has no identifiable cause; this tends to be more common in skin types from a Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian background. It can also be hereditary.

For women, hormones can play a big part with conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and hurtuism and if you feel you have abnormal hair growth then it may be worth consulting your GP to rule out such conditions.

As we head towards the menopause our Oestrogen levels drop resulting in an increase of the male hormones and we start to see hair appearing on the chin and top lip. This can be easily treated. From hairy toes, lip and chins to bikini line and backs, IPL and laser treatments offer a permanent solution.

Typically around 8 treatments at least 4 weeks apart are required as these treatments can only destroy hair that is in its growth cycle at the point of treatment. After each treatment, less and less hair grows back. Treatment can feel a little sharp like an elastic band flicked against the skin momentarily.

A test patch and medical consultation are required to determine suitability and whether laser or IPL treatment is more suitable.

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Double Chin

Are you tired of struggling with a persistent double chin, even after putting in the effort to maintain a healthy diet? You're not alone.

Many of our valued clients have faced the same frustration. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you - our cutting-edge 3D Lipo Cryotherapy fat freeze treatment. This revolutionary procedure is specially designed to target and eliminate that stubborn pocket of fat under your chin, providing you with the confidence and satisfaction you've been longing for. Say goodbye to the double chin dilemma and embrace a more contoured, confident you with our transformative Cryotherapy fat freeze treatment.

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