The Elite Medical Treatment Plan provides a cost-effective way to spread the payment of anti-wrinkle injections across a 12-month duration, along with the added advantage of choosing from a variety of complimentary facial treatments.

At Sandon, we are committed to ensuring that our treatments are accessible to all. Our Elite Plan is designed to offer a convenient “pay-monthly” approach to your year-round medical treatments.

As an ELITE member, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complimentary skin consultation.
  • Complimentary injectable consultation.
  • Three sessions of wrinkle-reducing injections for two areas per session, distributed throughout the year.
  • Your choice of three facial treatments, which encompass:
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Lower face Radiofrequency
  • Resurfacer
  • Extraction
  • Dermalux
Elite Plan pricing

Our membership fee is £60 per month for a 12-month duration. The initial and second months’ payments are due upfront, and a standing order form is required from the third month onward.

Should you desire an additional area of wrinkle-reducing injections, you can simply add £60 per area on the day of your appointment.

All injectable treatments are administered by our highly experienced team of doctors and aesthetic nurses, customised to meet your individual requirements. Additionally, they include a complimentary 2-week follow-up consultation to ensure your best results. Your well-being and comfort are our top priorities.

Terms & Conditions

When you join our Elite Plan you are entering into a legally binding contract for a 12-month period

All treatments must be taken within the 12-month period. If any additional treatments are taken other than those included in your Elite Plan, they must be paid for at the time of treatment at the cost stated in our standard price list. This also includes additional areas of wrinkle smoothing injections at £60 for each additional area, other than the two included in your membership.

Payments must be made by standing order on the same date each month (either 1st or 15th). We will notify you if payment has not been received.

A standing order is your authority to your bank to make the payments therefore we have no control over this, and it is legally your responsibility to ensure payments are being made. We will post the form to your bank, and you should check that the bank has set up your standing order as requested. We will notify you if we have not received payment that month.

Failure to make regular monthly payments constitutes you breaking the contact you have made, and, in this instance, your membership will be cancelled and the full cost as per our standard price list will be charged for all treatments taken less any payments that have been made.

If you fail to make payments in this instance, we reserve the right to collect moneys owed plus interest and costs through a debt collection agency or other method of our choosing.

We hope you enjoy the great benefits of your Elite Medical treatment plan including discounted rates of treatment and spreading the cost monthly.

Please note that a free of charge consultation will be required before your first treatment.

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