Genie Slimming/Toning

Genie Complete uses specially developed electronic wave shapes to provide verifiable results. The treatments are carried out using the unique body hub device which incorporates a series of leads which allow the power output pulses through its channels.

This is done through a series of electrodes strategically placed on the body allowing the current to pass through onto the muscle, causing a contraction. Just as with normal exercise, clients whose muscles are less toned would start off gently and increase their activity as they develop. The pre-set programmes reflect this and are set at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

You can have ultimate control in planning the most appropriate treatments, dependant upon the client’s age, muscle tone, fat deposit, and fluid retention. This means that a wide variety of aesthetic problems can be treated successfully including slimming, toning and cellulite.

The preset programmes for toning works the muscle slower than for slimming, this gives the effect of weight lifting, therefore re-contouring, re-shaping and firming by building up muscle mass. 20 minutes of the treatment on the stomach is equivalent to 360 sit-ups.

If this non surgical treatment sounds right for you then book in for your complimentary consultation today to find out more!

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At a Glance

Procedure Time
Up to 45 minutes
Full Recovery
2-3 weeks
Back to Work
Sensitivity Period
24-48 hours
Duration of Results
Risks & Complications
Possible swelling, tingling, redness or tenderness

Treatment Price

Per session
Course of 10